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[SOLD OUT] Hardware X CSR: Tresor Showcase Ireland

Saturday, 8th June 2024

4:00pm - 12:00am

Belltable Theatre

[SOLD OUT] Hardware X CSR: Tresor Showcase Ireland
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LINEUP Kerrie Mareena Chaz Moloney Offtrack brawni Get ready to delve into the pulsating heart of techno as Hardware and Circuit Structure Records join forces to bring the legendary clubbing institute Tresor to Ireland for a once off showcase. This ground-breaking event and is set to electrify Belltable on Saturday June 8th promising an unforgettable night of raw energy, cutting-edge sound, and immersive experiences. Full schedule TBA, ticket holders can be promised day time workshops on production & hardware and an impressive lineup of live electronic music & vinyl DJs. Tresor, the iconic Berlin club, stands as a beacon of techno culture, having pioneered the scene since its inception in 1991. Renowned for its gritty atmosphere and uncompromising commitment to underground music, Tresor has become a symbol of resilience and innovation in the global electronic music landscape. Celebrating its recent 30-year anniversary, Tresor continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of the genre. For the first time in Ireland, Tresor's legacy will merge with the vibrant energy of the local underground scene, amplifying the cultural exchange between Berlin and Limerick. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for Irish techno enthusiasts, offering a rare glimpse into the origins and evolution of the genre. The lineup for Tresor Showcase Ireland boasts a carefully curated selection of vinyl DJs in Mareena & Offtrack and live sets by Kerrie, Chaz Moloney Brawni. Promising a diverse sonic journey through the depths of electronic music. Audiences can expect performances that blur the lines between past, present, and future, paying homage to Tresor's rich heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary techno. This event represents more than just a night of music's a celebration of community, creativity, and the unifying power of sound. By bringing together artists, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike, this Tresor Showcase seeks to foster connections and inspire a new generation of electronic music aficionados.

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