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Tengu presents: Mabel, Jenten & ACKERMAN

Saturday, 15th June 2024

11:00pm - 3:00am

Yamamori Tengu, 37 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

Psytrance - Progressive House - Breaks - Tech House
Tengu presents: Mabel, Jenten & ACKERMAN
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LINEUP Mabel JenTen ACKERMAN ( DJRIPT ) We are delighted to announce the artist blurring the lines between psytrance, progressive house, breakbeat and tech house, Mabel for her Tengu debut all the way from Australia this Saturday June 15th! On support we have JenTen & ACKERMAN! Known for her artistic output in both the visual and aural mediums, Mabel’s work is a foray into the interests and experiences of her being. Her artistry adds her signature femme touch to psychedelia, venturing into sonic realms that blur the lines between psytrance, progressive house, breakbeat, and tech house. Following the culmination of her initial ‘chapter’ with the 2022 release of her debut 'Archangel’ EP, Mabel took her producing to even further heights with a string of acclaimed productions – featuring the joyous evolution of her trademark components: syncopated rhythms, trippy vocal snips and high energy, hypnotic stylings. After her self-released ‘Stagediver’ EP at the end of 2022, Mabel’s subsequent ‘Hybrid’ EP found a new home with French producer RONI’s Nehza Records – a release that paid homage to a series of hybrid animals, conjuring impressions of forest and beachside raves. ACKERMAN formerly DJRIPT has been consistently honing his skills over the last 4 years and has delved into a wide array of unique and energetic sounds during that timeframe. Establishing an intriguing technique while garnering quite the selection of sonic weaponry in the process. Being the eyes and ears of After Ours & DLRM + Forthcoming Project Scarlet ACKERMAN is working towards turning Dublin's nightlife and creative scene on the up once again. JenTen, Dublin-based DJ has been bringing heat to the nightlife scene. Having recently played for Slither, Otherside Festival, The Midnight Disco, Puzzy Wranglers and The Lounge, she has quickly made her mark with exceptional selection and blending of hypnotic techno, hard-groove and ghetto-tech. She adds her own touch to the techno scene with groovy beats, energetic bootlegs and tribal elements. JenTen has also recorded an array of mixes in collaboration with various collectives including HRLA, Puzzy Wranglers: Puzzy Prezents and Crush Collective. Taking inspiration from old-school artists such as Jeff Mills and Todd Terry, as well as more recent upcoming artists Chlär and Beau Dider, JenTen brings an irresistible energy that is bound to make the crowd move. See you in the dance!

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